Children of the Taliban


This documentary tells the story of four young children living in Kabul, Afghanistan and focuses on two boys and two girls whose lives have changed dramatically since U.S. troops completed their withdrawal from the country last summer and the Taliban swept to power.

The girls, Shoukria and Arezo, have both lost their fathers, and now have to work to support their mothers and siblings. They are amongst the hundreds of thousands of children in Afghanistan who have to work to support their families. 

The boys, Abdullah and Eshahnullah, are the sons of high ranking Taliban members. Access to children of the Taliban is rare, and this film captures incredible moments of the boys chatting, playing and opening up on camera. The events of the past year have meant all four children have had to grow up very quickly, and whilst this documentary shows how different their lives are –we also discover that the boys and girls have many things in common. 

Through their eyes we get a remarkable glimpse into the heart and soul of Afghanistan and an understanding of the challenges the future holds not only for the children in this film, but for the country.


Directors: Marcel Mettelsiefen, Jordan Bryon
Narrated by: Claire Foy
Producer: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Executive Producers: Stephen Ellis, Juan Camilo Cruz
Production Manager: Tamara Raimondi
Script Writer: Jonathan Miller
Editor: Stephen Ellis ACE
Assistant editor: Ines Boffi
Music: Michael Kadelbach
FX Editor: Paul Mallett
Dubbing Mixer: Jez Spencer
Colourist /Online Editor: Nico Miranda
Post Production: Nico Miranda, Moonlight
Additional Cinematography: Aman Sayyad, Farzad Teddy Fetrat
Year: 2022
Duration: 56 min
Country: Afghanistan


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