The peasants’ revolt


At just eight years old, Daniel spends his days picking coca leaves on his family’s farm. In this remote part of Colombia, growing drugs is the only way to make a living. But the state is cracking down on crack, and has started dropping crop killer from the skies. But it hurts the farmers the most, while armed drug traffickers continue to control the region. Armed groups who live from the cocaine trade have ruled there for 60 years. Until recently, the state was virtually non-existent here. But with the peace negotiations, the state now also wants to eradicate coca cultivation, sending soldiers and planes with glyphosate. They attack farmers and fields instead of breaking the power of the cartels or using a new infrastructure to ensure that the farmers can cultivate and market something else. The film follows the farmers’ struggle for survival in one of the most inaccessible areas of Colombia.


Director: Juan Camilo Cruz Orrego, Juan Arturo Gomez
Producer: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Cinematographer: Thomas Peter Laffay
Editor: Sebastián hernandez
Sound and music: Andrés Velásquez – OT Birds
Year: 2021
Duration: 25 min
Country: Colombia


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